According to your answers to the questionnaire, we suggest you one of the following LeDiet Slimming Programmes:
 LeDiet Balance Slimming Programme: you reach your weight goal naturally and at your own pace.

Your Slimming Programme is as little restrictive as possible. You are not hungry, you do not feel that you are 'on a diet', you enjoy sharing meals with your family or friends, or just having a quick snack.

We pay particular attention to your nutritional balance and to the appropriate intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a natural way in your food. You feel physically and intellectually well.

 LeDiet Express Slimming Programme: you start losing weight quickly.

The programme consists of three successive steps:

The first two steps, each lasting 2 weeks, correspond to the 'attacking' phase of the weight loss process. Your Slimming Programme is relatively low in calories.

As of the 5th week (the 'cruising' phase), you have a larger choice of food, you gain more freedom to manage your meals.

 LeDiet Anti-cellulite Slimming Programme helps you to lose cellulite.

In case of an overall overweight associated with cellulite, we calculate the most appropriate calorie level that will allow you to lose weight and we alter your diet to ensure that it provides you, in particular, enough fibres and proteins, but only small quantities of 'simple sugars', salt and lipids.

 LeDiet Slimming Programme 45 years helps you to cope with various problems associated with ageing:

For women especially, just before menopause: weight gain, cellulite often associated with poor blood circulation, osteoporosis, ageing of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles, irritability etc.
And for all: bone deficiency, painful joints, decreased muscular mass, deterioration of memory, etc.

If you are overweight, we adjust the calorie intake of your Slimming Programme and we pay particular attention to covering the specific needs related to your age: proteins for your muscles, omega 3 and anti-oxidants for your heart, arteries and memory, calcium for your bones and teeth, vitamins A, D, and E for your skin, etc.

 LeDiet Slimming Programme After-baby helps you to regain your healthy weight while taking into consideration your particular needs associated with this 'reconstruction' period after a pregnancy.

Your Slimming Programme will pay particular attention to reconstitute your reserves of vitamins, minerals and trace elements from which you have drawn during all your pregnancy, but also to eliminate the excess of body fat.

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