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A nutritional project adjusted for each individual

Your LeDiet Slimming Programme is rigorously adapted to your objective and elaborated to your needs, tastes and lifestyle.

The LeDiet Balance Programme: will help you obtain your weight objective at your natural rate.

Your Slimming Programme is as least restrictive as possible. You won't feel hungry, you won't feel that you are on a diet; you'll maintain the pleasure of being able to eat family meals and with friends as well as quick meals.

We will survey the balance of your diet and that it has sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements naturally from your foods. You'll feel physically and intellectually full of energy.

The LeDiet Express Slimming Programme: will give you a quick start to your weight loss.

It is composed of three successive steps:

The first two steps, lasting 2 weeks each, correspond to the 'attack phases' of slimming. Your Slimming Programme is relatively low in calories.

As of the 5th week (cruising step), you will see an enlargement in your choice of foods, and you will have more freedom in the organisation of your meals.

The LeDiet Anti-Cellulite Slimming Programme: will help you lose cellulite.

If you generally are overweight and have cellulite we will calculate the exact number of calories to help you lose weight and correct your diet making sure that it provides you in particular with sufficient fibre, and protein, but little 'simple sugar', salt and fat.

The Lediet 45 years Slimming Programme: will help you overcome the problems linked with aging.

For women in particular, at the pre-menopausal age: weight gain, cellulite linked to poor circulation, osteoporosis, skin aging and wrinkles, irritability... and for everyone: bone deficiency, loss of muscular mass, memory loss...

If you are overweight, we will adapt your level of calories of your Slimming Programme and survey that your specific requirements for aging are covered: protein for your muscles, omega 3 and anti-oxidants for your heart, arteries and memory, calcium for your bones and teeth, vitamins A, D, and E for your skin...

The LeDiet After-baby Slimming Programme: this helps you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, taking into account your particular requirements linked to this period of reconstruction after pregnancy.

Your Slimming Programme will check in particular to reconstitute your reserves in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements which have been drained all along the pregnancy, and eliminate any excess body weight.

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