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Trace elements
Trace elements are minerals essential in small quantities for good health. They don't supply the body with energy. Trace elements are involved in many biological functions. The Department of Health...
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Fluoride is a trace mineral (essential elements needed by the body in small amounts). It's found mainly in bones and teeth. The body contains a total of about 2g of fluoride. Fluoride is necessary...
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Iodine is a trace element (present in the body in a very low quantity, but essential for its functioning). The thyroid gland and the kidneys contain the largest amount of iodine in the body. The...
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Zinc is a trace mineral present in all living beings. However, unlike other trace elements, zinc isn't stored in the body and must be acquired daily from our diets. Zinc acts: - in all the processes...
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Cobalt is a trace element (present in small quantities in the body), but indispensable for body functions. The human body contains 1 – 3 mg. It's stocked essentially in the liver. It's very important...
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Copper is a trace element, which means it's found in the body at very low levels. The human body contains 75-150 milligrams of copper. The greatest stores are in the liver and brain. Copper is a...
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Manganese is a trace essential (needed by the body in small amounts). The human body contains 10 - 20mg of manganese. Most of it is found in bone, liver, and the kidneys. Manganese is: - a key...
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Selenium is a strong antioxidant, which protects cells against damage that may lead to cancer and heart disease. A Swedish researcher named this trace element, essential for the human body, after the...
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