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How to boost your metabolism
When you want to lose weight, the first questions that come to mind are: are you the victim of your own metabolism? Which foods will cause you to gain weight? Are there foods that will cause you to...
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Slimming diets
On the market there are various slimming diets: High protein diets The strict high protein diet corresponds to an artificial diet based on protein powder extracts from cow’s milk or...
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Answers to your nibbling
First of all, try and identify the reasons for nibbling. Nibbling between meals can have many reasons: a need for compensation, boredom, hunger, irrational impulses…but also an insufficient,...
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Handling festive meals
Are you worried about the consequences that a dinner with friends on Saturday, or a meal with your family Sunday, might have had on your weight? You have made an effort during the week to lose extra...
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The menopause and weight gain
The menopause is due to a reduction in hormones (oestragen and progestrone). To combat this insufficiency your doctor can prescribe hormone relpacements, the goal being to rebalance your hormonal...
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The calorie requirements
In order to understand the slimming mechanism, it is necessary to realise that the weight is a result of an energy analysis: 1. In order to maintain a stable weight, it is necessary to have an...
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Diet and family meals
Not everybody is affected by weight gain, and often, in a family, not everyone is concerned by your diet. It can be difficult to follow the diet with the food intake of other members of the family...
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Satisfying foods
What is satiety? Our dietary rhythm corresponds to a change between hunger and satiety. We are hungry after a certain time going without eating. The brain orders the body to find food in order...
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