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Boost your immune defenses
With the arrival of winter, the cold comes with its trail of colds, fatigue, seasonal depression, and even weight gain! Is this inevitable? Or can you resist, and how? What does our body go...
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Omega 3/Omega 6
What are Omega 3 and Omega 6? - Both are dietary fats necessary for your health. They are the building blocks of fats and are called ‘polyunsaturated fatty acids’. - Both play very important...
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A balanced diet
Eating a balanced diet is not fastidious, austere or monotone. It is in fact the contrary, keeping the pleasure of eating at the table and eating a variety of foods in order to provide...
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Dietary supplements
Do you need dietary supplements to be healthy? What is a dietary supplement? - Dietary supplements are not good, and often take the form of capsules, or liquid. They...
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Assessing probiotics
What do we mean by probiotic? We hear about ‘probiotics’, ‘prebiotics’, ‘symbiotics’, what is the difference? - a probiotic is a concoction with a sufficient number of living...
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Proteins: the best sources
Proteins are nutrients made up of amino acids, of which some are called ‘essential’ because they cannot be synthesized by our bodies and must therefore be found in our food. Proteins are absolutely...
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Breakfast, ready, go
To face the day in front of you, you need energy, especially if it is busy, if it cold outside, if you do sports, or if you have to wait a long time for lunch! Why have breakfast? This meal...
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True or false for fat
By fat we mean the fat used in cooking and seasoning of foods. We will not be talking about invisible fats which make up the components of certain foods of animal origin (meat, continental meats,...
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Files "Eating Well"
- Antioxidants
- Eat 'lean'
- My snacks to prevent hunger pangs
- Our recipes to combat tiredness
- Our calcium rich recipe
- Magnesium
- Chromium
- Vitamin E and wrinkles
- Understanding your dietary errors
- How to eat better to burn better?
- Dietary cravings
- A winter without gaining weight!
- How to recognise satiety: the key to slimming
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