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Functional foods and fortified foods
What is a fortified food? A natural food can be fortified by the food industry in vitamins, minerals or other constituants such as omega 3, probiotic drinking yoghurt, fibre...: - either...
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Starchy foods are not just reserved for sporty people!
What do we mean by starchy foods? By this term we mean the following groups of foods: - cereal: rice, wheat, corn, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, barley, cassava… - potato, sweet potato, -...
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Chocolate: neither good or bad
Lots of preconceived ideas, false and true, circulate about chocolate. What are they? What is chocolate? Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa solids, with the fat removed or cocoa butter added,...
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Eat vegetables
The nutritional interest of vegetables Thanks to the richness in fibre, vegetables play an important role in cardio-vascular protection, the fight against diabetes and weight gain…To...
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Diet drinks
What are diet drinks? As the name implies they are low calorie drinks. Generally the calories from non-alcoholic come essentially from sugar. Therfore, a diet drink is either totally,...
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Do not abuse sweets!
You are a chocoholic…and you feel guilty when you eat it? You think that the jellied fruit is better because it contains no fat? You think that it is ok to eat sweets ‘without sugar’? From our point...
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Alcohol and weight gain
The different alcoholic drinks One distinguishes two large groups of alcoholic drinks, depending on their mode of fabrication and level of alcohol: Fermented drinks: - wine and its derivatives...
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Butter: the right amount
Butter is accused of a lot of bad press: too calorific, too fat, too rich in ‘bad’ fatty acids…when really is it? The history of butter Butter is not new in the food intake of man who has...
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Files "Food and drinks"
- Potato
- Which dessert to choose?
- Meat
- Main course salad
- Pasta in the menu
- Sport drinks
- Light’ pleasures for summer
- Pizzas good for the silhouette
- Which water to choose?
- Bread is good for the figure
- Potato in all its forms
- Coconut
- Think about soups
- Help, the fridge is empty!
- What do you think of sweeteners?
- Is oat bran a miraculous food?
- Is milk bad for man?
- Animal milk and vegetable milk/drink: which to choose?
- Are summer dishes always light?
- A 100 ways to use dairy products
- Bread, rusks, and cereal: are they the same?
- Butter, margarine, or oil: make the right choice
- Spot light on aspartame: dangerous or not?
- "Light": trap or solution?
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