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Diet and physical activity
General recommendations: - vary foods: eat everything in reasonable quantity, - have 4 meals per day; a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon is important, - avoid nibbling: crisps, chocolate...
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Eat well during exams
Some important advice which is necessary for intellectual performance and to avoid gaps in memory: - eat sufficient foods rich in iron: meat, particularly offal (liver) is particularly rich. -...
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The right weight
Adolescence is a transient period between chidhood and adulthood. It is the time between 10 and 20 years old! It starts at puberty which constitutes a radical change. It is a period of rapid growth:...
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Calcium: the requirements
Calcium is provided by milk, dairy products, cheese and certain mineral waters. It is also found in certain citrus fruits and vegetables, but in smaller quantities and this calcium is less well...
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How many calories?
The nutritional requirements increase considerably at this age and must be regular to protect the vunerable body from any dietary imbalance. These requirements are variable from one adolescent to...
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Protein in sufficient quantity
Proteins can be of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products) or vegetable origin (bread, cereal and starchy food). What are proteins used for? Proteins are necessary to the...
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Fats: neither too much or too little
Fats are available in two forms: - Visible fats: these are the fats used in sreading fats, seasoning and cooking. They are of animal origin (butter, cream,…) or vegetable origin (oils, margarine). -...
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The right choice of carbohydrates
Quick or slowly absorbed sugar? The total carbohydrate is made up of: • complex carbohydrate (starch): which are provided by bread, cereals and starchy foods. • simple sugars: which are...
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- Iron: the speciific requirements
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