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The dangers of fasting
It is true that ‘overeating’ or ‘badly eating’, particularly with excess fat, sugar, and alcohol, will lead to excess weight, cardiovascular risks or cancer…or any other factors affecting health and...
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How to lose weight and not regain it
All diets work, but not all of them allow you to lose weight in the best conditions, and certainly not all of them allow you to lose weight long-term without a setback! Losing weight at the same time...
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Is there an ideal diet for losing weight?
The number of slimming candidates posing the question: ‘Is there an ideal diet for losing weight?’ is numerous. The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. YES, there is an ideal diet for losing weight...
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What is a diet?
The term ‘diet’ is often associated with the notions of restriction, foods to be avoided, frustration, being strict…These qualifications unfortunately are linked with numerous slimming methods. It’s...
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Chrononutrition: are there specific hours for eating certain foods?
To be able eat what you want (and remain slim); this is everybody’s dream and the promise regularly made by the innovators of fashionable diets. Chrononutrition is one of them: all foods are allowed...
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