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LeDiet slimming recipes "Fish & Seafood"
- Calamari provencale
- Scallops
- Carpaccio of Norwegian scallops, and Parmesan crumble : recipe by Mickaël FEVAL
- Cod stew
- Crab meat Indian style
- Fillet of sole with sorrel
- Fish encrusted with sea salt
- Fish parcels
- Fish stew
- Grilled Scottish salmon steak with sorrel sauce: recipe by Christophe VAUTHIER
- Marinated tuna on a draughtboard of crunchy vegetables in a mustard dressing: recipe by Michel ROSTANG
- Oven sea bass
- Pan fried, and then oven baked, thick cod fillet, served with green asparagus tips, salsa sauce, rocket and carrot juice, and fresh herbs: recipe by Arnaud THIRY
- Pike on a bed of carrots: recipe by Christophe VAUTHIER
- Poached haddock in milk, and green cabbage in red pepper dressing: recipe by Benoît Joseph DULIEU
- Seabream salad with yoghurt and lemon: recipe by Thierry VAISSIÈRE
- Sole with grapes
- Spanish style fish
- Summer roll: recipe by Renata DOMINIK
- Slices of lobster cooked in stock, with pan fried melon balls in cardamom, and kiwi dressing: recipe by Arnaud THIRY
- Steamed cod steak, courgette spaghetti and virgin seaweed sauce: recipe by Jacques CAGNA
- Turbot and Cointreau parcels: recipe by William CHAUSSIMON
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