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LeDiet slimming recipes "Desserts"
- Almond jelly fruit salad
- Apple fromage frais dessert
- Baked custard
- Creamy vanilla pudding
- Floating islands
- Fromage frais and red fruit sauce
- Gelatine flan
- Light party pancakes: recipe by Bertrand DENIS
- Vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream
- Vitamin milkshake: recipe by Christophe MICHALAK
- Yoghurt, fresh coconut and mango ‘Hatt lu’ dessert…as at Saigon: recipe by Patrick CHARVET
- Baked apples in fruit sauce
- Baked apples with rosemary: recipe by Marc VEYRAT
- Caramelised fruit kebab: recipe by Christophe VAUTHIER
- Fruit juice sorbet (orange, apricot, grapefruit, lemon)
- Fruit mousse (apple, pear, peach, apricot, etc)
- Fruit sorbet
- Grapefruit gratin: recipe by Christophe VAUTHIER
- Lemon or orange mousse
- Oriental orange salad: recipe by Christophe VAUTHIER
- Pears with red currants
- Red fruit salad
- Seasonal fruit gratin: recipe by Mickaël FEVAL
- Spicy orange and caramel soup: recipe by Dominique JEANSON
- Strawberry or raspberry sorbet
- Sweet white sauce: recipe by Christophe VAUTHIER
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