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Festive diet menus and our advice
Our advice for Festive Meals - Eat slowly; take the time to put down your fork between each mouthful: this will prevent indulging in second helpings. - Drink a great deal of water. - Do not...
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What type of foods should I choose when dining out?
During a meal out in a restaurant, or when invited to friends, we recommend that you: - eat moderate portions; don't hesitate to take half your meal home for the next day. - do not take seconds. -...
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Why not fast food?
From a dietary point of view, Fast Food meals have a very bad reputation. They are said to be too rich in calories and, above all, too fat. Should they therefore be banished when one wants to control...
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What to choose at a Chinese restaurant?
Asian (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese…) restaurants can be an excellent alternative to British ones. You only need to make appropriate choices. What one should avoid: Avoid all fried foods:...
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What to choose at a Japanese restaurant?
For a few years now, Japanese restaurants have flourished here and there and almost everywhere in Europe. Japanese cooking, which is fundamentally based on raw fish and grilled meat, can be ideal...
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What to choose in an Indian restaurant?
Indian food is very popular throughout the UK. Ghee, clarified butter, is used to prepare Indian food. It is rich in saturated fatty acids. What to avoid: Fatty starters such as fried...
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