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Fats in dairy products
Regulating information on fats in dairy products is part of the process of uniformity in the European Union. It also occasionally confuses consumers. From now on, the percentage of fats is...
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Unlimited vegetables
Vegetables with the highest sugar contents are not forbidden, but they are limited to the prescribed quantities. The list includes artichokes, beetroot, carrots, palm hearts, broad beans,...
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Is dark chocolate more calorific than milk chocolate?
Answer: no, dark chocolate and milk chocolate have about the same calorific value. The nutritional value of chocolate depends on the quantity of the ingredients, of which the principal three are...
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Olive oil is just as fat as the other oils
If consumed excessively, olive oil is just as fattening as any other oil. Actually, contrary to a generally accepted idea, olive oil contains no less fat than any other oil. All oils, without...
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Can I use fructose or sweeteners?
Fructose is a simple sugar that is equal in calories to sucrose (beet sugar or cane sugar). However, fructose tastes sweeter than sucrose, which means that you can use less to get the same sweetness....
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Vegetables: fresh vs. frozen?
When you get home after a long day at work and don't feel like cooking vegetables, think about frozen vegetables! The nutritional advantage: Contrary to what most people think, frozen...
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Do frozen vegetables contain less vitamins and minerals than fresh vegetables?
Answer: no and on the contrary frozen vegetables being rapidly harvested, peeled, cut and frozen don’t lose their vitamins and minerals. However, fresh vegetables can lose a large quantity...
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What kind of dairy product?
By ‘yoghurt’ and ‘high fat dairy product’, we mean: yoghurt, full fat milk, and cream. This milk-based product may vary in its constitution of fats (lipids) and sugar (carbohydrates). The food...
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