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- Whether you must lose 1.5 or 10 kg (2, 11, or 22 pounds), the calorie level of Your Diet must remain the same. It does not vary according to the number of pounds you must lose, but is calculated on...
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Weight that yoyos.
In order to better understand the yoyo mechanism you’ll find below: - some basic definitions, - the reasons for having difficulty in losing weight, or regaining weight. Your weight is the result...
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I don't eat very much, but I still can't seem to lose weight.
Firstly, you must see your doctor for a check-up to rule out any possible medical problems. There may be two food-related reasons to explain why you are not losing weight. 1. Your metabolism is...
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I only want to lose 2 kilos (4 pounds), do I really need to go on a diet?
We recommend that you: 1. Take our free assessment which will analyse your weight and your objective and provide you with some recommendations. Remember it is free so what have you got to lose? 2....
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I am interested in losing weight just around my stomach and thighs, is that possible?
You cannot lose weight in just one area of the body. You lose weight over the entire body. However, regular physical activity lets you tone your muscles and feel slimmer.
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Can I lose 10kg (22 pounds) in two months?
You should lose no more than 4kg (9 pounds) a month. Losing weight too rapidly remains short-lived in most cases. In the long run, people often end up gaining back all of the weight they lost,...
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Can you guarantee that I will lose weight?
Only you can guarantee your own weight loss. We do everything we can to help you reach your weight-loss goal: . by making sure our programme does not feel like as if you are on a conventional diet. ....
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How many calories should one limit oneself to in order to lose weight?
In order to better understand the mechanism of weight loss, one must know that weight is the product of energy assessment: 1. In order to maintain a stable weight, there must be an energetic...
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- A ‘good’ diet isn’t enough to lose weight
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