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What is a protein-sparing fast Diet?
A strict protein-sparing fast Diet consists of an artificial protein powder made from cow's milk or soya extract and is administered under the care of a doctor. Characteristics of a...
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High protein diets and weight that yo-yos. What should I do?
If you have followed a protein diet for a long period of time, your body will have lowered its metabolism and started conserving (storing) energy, meaning that it is only burning a minimum amount of...
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Food alternative and meal alternative?
A food alternative can occasionally replace a specific food. They are made up of natural food extracts. For example, one packet of protein powder is a food replacement for milk or soya...
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Disconnected and combining diets
Certain Diets called ‘disconnected’ are based on the separation of foods containing carbohydrates from foods containing fats. For instance, in such Diets, one must not combine bread and butter...
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Why don't you offer a high-protein Diet?
A high protein Diet is: - very strict (less than 600 calories (kcal) per day). - completely imbalanced (made up almost exclusively of proteins). - deficient in vitamins and minerals, unless taken as...
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