I’m really enjoying following the diet so far its so much more fun and easy doing it online. Lets hope it shows when I weigh myself.


This is a good diet scheme, but it is no longer convenient for me.
Thank you.

 DR G  

I don't have a question but simply want to say that I subscribed to your service tonight and have been exploring your website and am absolutely thrilled with everything I have found so far!
It's everything I've been looking for and more and I simply can't wait to start.
Thank you so much for this brilliant tool. I love it!


Just to say a big thank you.
I found your site by chance and I have to say that I’m amazed.

Your concept of slimming is totally incredible and efficient: one loses weight even eating everything, without being hungry or tired !!!

I gained weight after giving up smoking and my doctor advised me to cut out starchy foods: I lived on full fat yoghurt and turkey !!! I had a blood pressure of 9, low blood sugar and despite everything he told me to continue even when attacking the chocolate spread !!!

Brief, thanks to you, I am doing fine, I have lost weight, found my old body shape and moral. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


I had accepted the yo-yo diets for many years, I have to say that this method has changed my life.

I never really felt on a diet, or very little, I’ve lost 11lbs gently but surely, and as I lost weight whilst eating, I know now what is good for a balanced diet, how far I can go and I don’t worry about the diet.

That’s a first for me !

I advice really this method, a revolution more than positive : not expensive, sure, gentle, and supple as you can communicate with a dietitian, and more informative than anything else on the market: what more can I say !!!

Congratulations on this ingenious idea !


WELL DONE FOR YOUR PROGRAM, it is not difficult to follow, and allows you to lose the pounds even when going off the rails now and again.


Congratulations first of all for an excellent service from all points of view. The follow-up is particularly excellent and encouraging. Thanks ever so much.

I have re-done the questionnaire as you advised.

Please could you reproduce the new prescription, which will reflect my habits and tastes.

Thank you again for your indispensable help.


I haven’t really got a weight problem, but I’m interested in dietetics.
I wanted to tell you that your site is great and extremely well done.


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